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You probably landed here because you have some kind of problem to solve. You are in the right place; it’s what we do. We can supply you with IT and telecoms solution to meet all your needs whatever the size, shape or location of your business. You will likely save some money and you won’t have to be bothered with any DIY. We do all the work for you. Click the Yes you can! link to see more.

We supply technologies and solutions to improve your office productivity, improve communications and reduce administration costs. We install, operate & maintain all the technology you need to run your office – including IT, telephone systems, CRM software and card payment solutions.

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Telecoms Solutions

voip phone solutions

We are specialists in hosted VoIP telephone solutions. We also supply traditional telephone lines, mobile phone packages, internet services and IT infrastructure solutions.

Telecoms Solutions

IT Services

voip phone solutions

Reliable connectivity to the internet and computers that work are essential to your business. We offer a full range of IT services to prepare your business for any situation.

IT Services

Taxi Phone Solutions

voip phone solutions

Fully integrated phone systems for Taxi companies.  We save you money AND we will work alongside your existing taxi booking and despatch software.  Find out more here.

Taxi Solutions

What’s New?


We now provide a hosted CRM solution called RealTime CRM. It has been designed particularly for ease of use by non-technical people. It has some great features and you get a lot for your money. You pay a flat rate of £20 per month per user. The first user on your account is FREE – forever – and there is no minimum contract period.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a try. Go to: https://app.realtimecrm.co.uk/sign-up/YESTECH

Automated voice response solutions

Or IVR.  We have now technology to set up automated response services using a very high quality synthesised voice to read out data which is generated by your business management system. An example of this is an automated booking system for minicab operators. The caller rings the cab company and the computerised voice greets the caller. The cab company’s booking system then looks up the last two or three addresses where the caller was last picked up and passes this data to the telephone system. The synthetic voice reads these addresses to the caller and asks them to choose one by pressing a key on their phone. The booking is then completed automatically without a human operator.

If you have an idea for another kind of application then please call us. We will build it for you.

Shared Directory

You can maintain a centralised directory of names and numbers on our customer management portal. This directory is copied automatically to all your phones. Any changes to the central directory are updated on all the phones immediately. This means that all your telephone users can look up a name on their handset and make a call – just like they would on their mobiles.

Our promise to you

We supply technologies and solutions to improve office productivity, improve communications and reduce administration costs. We install, operate & maintain all the technology you need to run your office – including IT, telephone systems, mobile devices and document handling equipment.

As a customer you can expect a generous helping of time, honest advice, transparent pricing and unrivalled after-sales service. Our UK-based customer services team is available 24 hours a day every day of the year. When you call for help we’ll answer your call in person with no automated responses and with no queueing.

You won’t find a shopping basket or a “buy it now” button on our site because we want to talk to you before you buy anything from us. Your business is special and we want to make sure that offer you the most suitable products & services to solve your particular problem.

We are based in Hampshire and we look after customers throughout the UK – and beyond.

money back guarantee

You can benefit from our unique service whether you need just one phone or one thousand. Our system will grow (or shrink) with you and you only ever pay for what you use.

We are a communications company. We believe in talking. If you’d like to fill in our contact form please click the button otherwise please call us FREE on 0800 524 4293

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