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Case Studies

We have worked with many different business types over the years and have always managed to create the phone system that does exactly what they need it to.  If your type of business isn’t here give us a call, we’d love to make it work for you too.


Virtual Receptionist

Objective: To allow the company to take incoming calls for many different client companies Our customer provides telephone call answering and message-taking services to their clients. They needed to be able to identify the client when they answer each call so they could respond appropriately. They also wanted to be avoid the need for multiple [...]


Care Home Operator

Objective: To provide an integrated telephone system for all sites The customer operates four residential care homes for the elderly in Surrey and Hampshire from an HQ office in Farnham. We setup a central hosted switchboard for the whole enterprise and installed a set of VoIP telephones in each site. Each site has its own [...]


Driving School

Objective: To have several different phone numbers on one line This company acts as a booking agent for a large number of self-employed driving instructors around Hampshire and Dorset. They wanted a way to advertise different phone numbers in different Yellow Pages areas and have all the calls come into their office. We set up [...]


Insurance services business

Objective: To forward incoming calls to multiple mobiles at the same time This customer wanted a solution which would respond automatically to incoming calls and give the caller options to reach different departments. Most team members are not office-based and they all rely on mobile phones. Incoming calls are routed to multiple mobile phones at [...]


Taxi Company

Objective: To enable taxi customers to call free from phones installed in a local hospital and shopping centres. We set up a hosted switchboard and installed four VoIP telephones in the customer despatch office. The owners also wanted provide direct-dial telephones in a local hotel, a hospital and a shopping centre so that their customers [...]


IT services company

Objective: To route customer support calls to an off-shore technical support team This company provides outsourced management and support for their customers’ computer systems. They offer a 24/7 technical support help desk service. Some members of the team are based off-shore. They use our hosted YTEL switchboard system to connect all members of the team [...]


Residential nursing home

Objective: To provide private telephones in their residents’ rooms This care home operator caters for elderly residents who need nursing care but who are otherwise mentally alert and independent. The owners use our YTEL hosted switchboard service and VoIP technology to enable each resident to have a private telephone in their room with a separate [...]


Mortgage Broker

Objective: To record and archive telephone conversations with customers Our customer has several mortgage advisors working in three offices. They wanted an integrated telephone system to link the three sites. They also wanted to the ability record and to save their telephone conversations with their customers. This was so they could monitor how well their [...]


Marketing Agency

Objective: To track the number of sales enquiries generated for their customers from different advertising media This company builds websites and manages marketing campaigns for their customers. They wanted a means to keep track of the number of sales enquiries generated for each customer from different advertising media. This would enable them to quantify the [...]


Peach Sales Progressors

Peach Sales Progressors provides an outsourced progression service to estate agents. When an agent agrees the sale of property they use Peach to manage the completion of the sales process with the buyer and seller. Peach assigns a case manager who works with the buyer and seller and other parties to ensure a swift [...]