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Virtual Landline

A simple low-cost solution for sole traders who work at home or from their van. Instead of publishing your mobile number or you home landline number, you can have a proper business telephone number.

You control how the new number works and we can send incoming calls to wherever you like, such as your mobile phone (or to several mobiles at the same time) or to a VoIP telephone or even to a virtual receptionist.

There are lots of advantages to this:

  • If you work from home then you don’t need to install a new telephone line.
  • You can keep your new business number wherever and whenever you move
  • New customers won’t be put off by having to dial a mobile number
  • You can have your calls answered by a virtual receptionist when you can’t take them yourself.

We can set up a Virtual Landline number very quickly, with the minimum of paperwork and you’ll be’ contactable in minutes.

There’s no long-term contract. You can cancel the service with 30 days notice and you can always transfer your number to another service provider.


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